Our Founders 

George (Bellarmine College of Louisville, Class of '54) andClick on picture see a larger image June Merrifield founded the St Jude Foundation in 1983. At that time, the St. Jude Foundation was dedicated to helping young people and their families battle the problems with drug and alcohol addictions. 

In 1989, due to the funds provided with the "war on drugs" from the Federal Government, they discontinued full activity until 1999. 

In 1986, June Merrifield founded the St. Jude House for Women in Louisville, Kentucky, which is now operated by the St. Vincent DePaul Society.

In 2000, the Merrifleld's initiated and made a substantial contribution to the Peacebuilders and Creating Lasting Family Connections in our schools. 

After careful study in 2001, they now see the role of the St. Jude Foundation as focusing on families and providing a facility to bring families together to provide parenting skills, family skills, family communication as well as exploring and developing individual talents and skills.